Mad Skills Motocross

Mad Skills Motocross 1.0

Mad Skills Motocross is a simple side-scrolling arcade motorbike racing game
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Mad Skills Motocross is a simple side-scrolling arcade game in which you control a motorbike while racing versus other computer opponents. Unfortunately, no multiplayer mode is supported, may it be an Internet, a network-based connection, or even a screen split mode. You can only play this racing game versus AI opponents, in 1 vs 1 contests. Leaderboards are available only for the current player, so comparing your scores to the ones of other players will be a bit difficult.

Mad Skills Motocross comes with decent cartoony visuals, not too sophisticated but neither disappointing. It’s colorful and attractive especially for casual players, kids, and less demanding gamers. The sounds and the background music are rather average, they don’t get to be annoying but they’re also not very diverse.

The game also lets you tweak the controls and change various audio and video settings, such as the screen resolution. Watching the replay of a raced track is also possible. The full version of the game comes with 52 tracks and plenty of power-ups, so boredom should be out of the question. A neat level editor is also included. The gameplay is neither too challenging nor too dull, neatly balanced to provide the right amount of fun. Unfortunately, it’s still a pretty average and simple game that feels like it’s more suitable for mobile phones and portable devices than for desktop platforms.

Margie Smeer
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  • Includes a level editor
  • Allows selecting different screen resolutions
  • Plenty of tracks in the full version


  • Game crashed when trying to see the "Credits"
  • No multiplayer mode
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